Shihan Daigo Oishi

Vice President Oishi DaiSatoru

Vice President Oishi DaiSatoru best teacher Grand Shihan Master Daigo Ohishi, Vice President

Oishi DaiSatoru

"The sharpness that, can not imitate anyone!"

The kick of Oishi DaiSatoru, "genius of Footwork", Oyama double our Kyokushin Kaikan founder is a God of karate, called it "the world".

Be exhibited without state of the world even in the tournament and the All-Japan tournament, its destructive power, shook the world.Sharpness that has been likened to as windmill, is, "Demon Blade Muramasa with great reverence (Kicks of Muramasa 's Sword) came to be called "he said.


History of Oishi DaiSatoru History of Daigo Ohishi

July 15, 1950, Born in Yamanashi Prefecture.

While in high school, reading Oyama double our Author president to "fight world travel", infatuation to hand vacuum pole. The introduction to Kyokushin Kaikan headquarters dojo, 1969 (1969) in March. I serve five-year apprentice.

1971, 21-year-old, bathed in unison cheers venue competed in the 3rd open tournament All Japan Karate Championships, kicking upper turn, and kick back turning, with a brilliant Footwork, to play a third place. Was then played even while assume the failure, in the sixth All Japan Karate Championships of 1974, Uchitate a record of one win four consecutive games, and won the sixth. Part 1 open tournament all World Karate Championships memorable 1975, competed as a representative of Japan, to win the 4-position.

In 1976, he became the Kyokushin Kaikan Yamanashi Prefecture branch chief at the behest than double our president Oyama, Shizuoka branch president also concurrently in 1977. Karate active throughout the life of the then working to promote and develop hand vacuum pole, and sweat at the forefront of practice at all times, to practice lead by example. That passion extends not only Japan, to all over the world. The more also responsible for the overseas coming to Japan in order to get with a practice in Oishi DaiSatoru best teacher, there is no spare time to enumeration.

To complete the 70 people Kumite in 1998.

January 23, 2003, was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the socio-cultural Japan Culture Promotion Association.

November 2012, we withdraw from the All Japan Kyokushin Union, launched an international Karate Federation of Kyokushin Kaikan world total Kyokushin Kazuyuki Hasegawa and best teacher, it becomes vice president.