Saiko-Shihan Kazuyuki Hasegawa

Representative Kazuyuki Hasegawa

"Small giant original" 'The Little Giant'

Representative Kazuyuki Hasegawa best teacher GrandShihan Master Kazuyuki Hasegawa, President

Representative Kazuyuki Hasegawa

Among the Gokushin-kai, it was not a type conspicuous Speaking petite Hasegawa highest instructor either. But, it made a very quick rise to fame of exceptional, third in the 1st All-Japan tournament, win the 2nd All-Japan tournament. And that of less than three years just from the start of karate.

It is also one of the few oldest itself not only became a champion, and helped grow the world champion and All-Japan champion, many so far, has continued to protect the sign of true karate poles stretched the body.

Is referred to as the "Little Giant", it is not possible to talk about the history of Kyokushin lost Hasegawa best teacher. And even now, I have sent a day-to-day leadership of the backward and devotion of its own. Indeed, is a karate on behalf of Kyokushin.

He first time the little giant is also published in graphic novel karate fool one generation.

History of Kazuyuki Hasegawa History of Kazuyuki Hasegawa

Oyama President Hasegawa and Kazuyuki

Chatted with the president Oyama

At the dojo of Tokushima City, (25 years old)

1948 The married to judo to Naruto Municipal Technical High School age born in Itano-gun, Tokushima Itano-cho, August 28. I served as captain in two stages.
1967 The introduction to Kyokushin Kaikan headquarters dojo 19th birthday.
1967 Eyes high low head, widely mind by refraining the mouth, to benefit the other as the origin Takashi.
1968 (Dropped out two years) enrolled in the Tokyo University of Science Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry
1969 Get the first stage. 
Won third place in the 1st All Japan Championships in September the same year.
1970 It is headquarters instructor. 
It is champion at the 2nd All Japan Championships in September the same year. (. To immovable its fame and status as Shin very Devas, including Mr. Ashihara also three birds glass of Kyokushin Yamazaki, together with Mr. Soeno et al.)
1970 The return home in Tokushima Prefecture, and opened a branch dojo.
1978 He was appointed in Aichi Prefecture branch president.
1999 Was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award of the socio-cultural world's first karate.