About World So-Kyokushin

Total world Kyokushin

Charter Purpose of establishment

This time, we launched the "world Kokusaikaratedourenmeikyokushinkaikan total Kyokushin".Earnestly, this is because it is going to inherit, tradition and dissemination correctly, the very hand vacuum founder Oyama times our president has created.

Up to the start-up  Background to the establishment of World So Kyokushin

Founder Oyama times our president after the death of the hand vacuum, vacuum hand split into factions poles, are showing signs of boulder very mixed. A result of the split in factions, dojo "very hand vacuum" has grown at a stretch, dojo was opened all over the country. The situation to learn the "hand vacuum very" easily is finished is gratifying, but to collect the dojo students by utilizing the name of "Kyokushin" Some of them in reverse, but the contents are "very that the dojo is not a true "it is also is a fact.

There is also a dojo where a person who can not can be a matter of course such ". Inheriting purely a hand vacuum poles, tackle in practice", is unabashedly calls himself a teacher-teacher. There are also cases where a person suspicious, 'This one? Can you really karate "and has himself a teacher-teacher. There is also a dojo only just clings to the name of the "Kyokushin".

Normal two people had Ui such a situation will come. Received a direct initiation from Oyama president, left the track record in the Championship, each is "Hasegawa, Kazuyuki best teacher" and is "Oishi DaiSatoru best teacher".

"I want to learn the very hand vacuum of mainstream" 
"I want to practice a very pure vacuum hand"

Both of these names takes a hand to back the voice of a lot of people that, I was stand up.

"I want to spread the world correctly the very hand of true vacuum" 
"I want to joint the stone of Oyama president correctly"

I think that, Because it is the name both of you have a strong will, from now, be able to teach the very hand vacuum in a direct line to you many.

Everyone who visited this website look back the history of Kyokushin, should be an opportunity to once again and try to touch the very hand vacuum lineal-mainstream.

Representative, Deputy President / Vice President

Hasegawa, Kazuyuki best teacher

Hasegawa, Kazuyuki best teacher is a representative, Introduction to Kyokushin Kaikan headquarters dojo in 1967.The winning three of the first All Japan tournament of 1969. It won the championship in the second Annual Meeting of the following year. (After, Aichi branch dojo opened in 1978, etc.) to open a branch dojo Tokushima, as the nickname of "Little Big Man", was come support it stretched your body Kyokushin Genesis from 1970. Also as a leader, brought up numerous world champion, the All Japan champion, the contribution was mainly to be immense for the Kyokushin Kaikan.

Oishi DaiSatoru best teacher

In addition, Oishi DaiSatoru best teacher is the deputy representative, Introduction to Kyokushin Kaikan headquarters dojo in 1969. And 4-place finish in the First World Conference of the memorable winning three of the 3rd All-Japan tournament, and 4-place finish, the 6th All-Japan tournament, as well as include brilliant KOs, 5 years, the discipline as apprentice of Oyama president was received. From the sharp taste of the Footwork, is referred to as the "Demon Blade Muramasa", and has been referred to as the "genius of technology kick" from Oyama president. (The next '77, Shizuoka branch also opening), Hasegawa Normal same, was working to come spread and development of vacuum hand pole at the forefront always opened a branch in Yamanashi in 1976.

Characteristics of the total group very true Distinctive features of the So Kyokushin group

Above all, in addition best teacher of this two people to have such a strong will, "that it is hitting the guidance of lead by example even now" is the feature of the total group very true. "I do not say things in the title or status." Normal is both led by the organization, and through the sleeve every day, even now in uniforms, along with the neglect discipline, has shed sweat to guidance in the dojo is a site himself. This is what will be the only means of best tradition of inheritance, very correct vacuum hand.

what you aim Our ultimate goal

A representative Hasegawa best teacher of the world total Kyokushin, deputy representative Oishi best teacher, "very hand vacuum lineal" the karate is "very pure vacuum hand" is a very personal pupil of Oyama president. The guide "What you inherited, passed down correctly the correct no unmixed pole vacuum hand, to go to spread development", along with the many people that were sympathetic to the guidelines, the home and abroad, and to interact beyond the school-parliamentary group , I will continue to enhance the quality of vacuum hand pole.

There, there is no Shodan a mere facade basis by mutual familiarity and self-approved plan. Make the grade certification and examination can publicly show off the basic training and movement training, type, reinforcement, Kumite, everywhere you take of "official". Of course, the idea of ​​same in the tournament, not the tournament for the mere number of people gathered and test their skills, as a tournament of martial arts like vacuum hand very, Kumite competitions type competitions will be held.

In addition, I am going to as well as disseminate information at any time in your own website, go to disseminate its activities on a regular basis, such as the issuance of journal, in multiple media.